FreezeTagBasketball (invented by Phil Anker & Dave Fisher)


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We're excited to introduce you to the world of FreezeTagBasketball (invented by Phil Anker & David Fisher). Your new life has just begun!

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FreezeTagBasketball (invented by Phil Anker & Dave Fisher) is a great sport which combines classic neighborhood basketball with the playground masterpiece freeze-tag. We are currently working on getting an exhibition spot in the next Olympics for our game. Will you help us by emailing the president of the IOC? Thanks!

On this site you will learn all about FreezeTagBasketball (invented by Phil Anker & Dave Fisher), it's rules and variations. Learn and play it today. You won't be sorry!

You think we're kidding?

Dave and Phil (in that order) debating the fine points of the game

We are not frickin' joking, sirs, this is the real deal!

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